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The Glow Show Co

is thrilled to present......

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Badjelly's Puffs of Smoke
Badjelly The Witch Flying on a Broomstick
Badjelly The Witch Glow Show
Rose, Tim, Dinglemouse and Lucy The Cow. The Glow Show Badjelly The Witch

Thank you for putting on a great show. It was so great it nearly blew my shoes off!

Papakura Central School

You can just hear how special it is when they’re in the audience, and they’re whispering, and clapping along, they get really immersed in the performance

Leah Maihi, 
Educator - Sir Edmund Hillary Junior School

Only 30 seconds gone and all of us are captivated, spellbound and lapping it up.

Alan Scott

What our audience thinks...

GLOrewa! The epicentre of
the glow shows!

A glow-in-the-dark storybook sensory experience coming in 2025!

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